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Check out our delicious MENU

Sailor’s mussels on white wine 35 zł / 500 g  (66 zł / 1 kg)
Leg of pork baked in beer 7 zł / 100g

Beef Carpaccio
with parmesan cheese, olive oil. Served with  garlic baguette 24 zł
Salmon tartar (120 g) with pickles served on toast. With lemon. 24 zł
Norwegian Salad with smoked salmon
– lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onion, green olives, pepper, caper sauce. Garlic baguette 26 zł
Chicken Salad
– lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, olives, Grana Padano cheese, croutons. With Caesar dressing. garlic baguette 24 zł
Italian Salad
– lettuce, Parma ham, melon, black olives, rocket, olive oil. Served with  garlic baguette 26 zł
Seafood Salad
–  tiger shrimps (5 pieces), smoked salmon, lettuce, and lemon olive oil. Served with  garlic baguette 36 zł
–  mozzarella cheese, tomato, black olives, basil, olive oil 20

…  SOUPS …
Soup of the day 8 zł
Sour cream soup with white sausage and hard-boiled egg 12 zł
Fish soup 12 zł
Milanese tomato creme soup 14 zł

…  PASTA  …
Penne righate with forest mushrooms and pieces of sirloin in cream and brandy  sauce 26 zł
Spaghetti Bolognese 20 zł
Spaghetti Carbonara
– pasta in bechamel sauce with mushrooms,  onion, bacon, garlic, parmesan cheese and egg yolk 24 zł

Chicken breast fillet with tomatoes baked with mozzarella cheese.
Served with blanched broccoli 28 zł
Chicken breast fillet with asparagus baked with cheese.
Served with chips and seasonal salad 29 zł
Pork grilled with slices of bacon
with apples and cranberries. Served with lettuce 28 zł
Roasted pork neck with honey-mustard glaze
. With fried potatoes and beetroots 29 zł
Traditional Polish pork chop with fried cabbage
with mashed potatoes 26 zł
T-BONE  Steak of polish beef (400g)
served with chunky chips and seasonal salad 74 zł
Rib-Eye Steak of Polish beef
served with grilled tomatoes 12 zł/100g
Sirloin steak (150 g)
with asparagus served with mashed potatoes 48 zł

Cod fillet in crispy batter with chips 28 zł
Grilled salmon
with blanched broccoli and lemon 32 zł
Pan-fried trout
with grilled vegetables 28 zł

Hot home-made apple pie
with ice-cream and whipped cream 12 zł
Red wine poached pear
with touch of Martini 12 zł
Vanilla ice-cream on hot red fruits
with whipped cream  and syrup 16 zł
„Fruit Paradise”
– Fruit and vanilla ice-cream with fruits, whipped cream and syrup 16 zł
„Chocolate Land”
– Chocolate and vanilla ice-cream with raisins and nuts, whipped cream and syrup 16 zł

Breaded chicken cutlets
+ chips and salad 15 zł
Breaded fried fish
+ chips and salad 15 zł

…  SIDES  …
Fried or mashed potatoes 5 zł
Chips 5 zł
Rice 5 zł
Tomatoes and red onion salad 5 zł
Fried cabbage 5 zł
Mixed salad 5 zł
Boiled vegetables 8 zł

… PIZZA – Right out of the oven …
…  Thin crust pizza, Size – 30 cm  …
…  All pizza include tomato sauce and cheese …
(sauce, cheese) 14 zł
(mushrooms) 17 zł
(ham) 17 zł
(ham, corn) 18 zł
(bacon, onion) 18 zł
(tuna, onion) 18 zł
(ham, mushrooms) 18 zł
(olives, anchovies) 19 zł
(ham, pineapple) 19 zł
(salami, olives) 19 zł
(salami, capers, onion) 20 zł
(tuna, anchovies, capers) 20
(chicken, mushrooms) 20 zł
(ham, onion, pepperoni pepper) 20 zł
(ham, tomato, olives) 22 zł
(pepper, olives, mushrooms, onion) 22 zł
(spinach, garlic, olives, egg) 23 zł
(broccoli, mushrooms, corn) 23 zł
(bacon, mushrooms, tomato, garlic) 23 zł
La Carne
(ham, mushrooms, bacon, onion) 25 zł
(ham, salami, mushrooms, paprika) 26 zł
Frutti di mare
(seafood, green olives, black olives, tomato) 28 zł
(spicy pepper, salami, red beans, corn) 26 zł
DiY Pizza – Price of Margherita + selected extras
Pizza extras:
Garlic sauce, spicytomato sauce, sweet and sour sauce 2,50 zł
Onion, egg, garlic, cucumber, double dough 2 zł
Extra cheese, ham, bacon, chicken, broccoli, asparagus, salami, mushrooms, pineapple, spinach, red beans, green and black olives, anchovies, fresh pepper, spicy pepper – pepperoni, peas,
corn, capers, tomato, tuna 3 zł
Seafood 5 zł

… LAVAZZA Coffee …
Espresso 7 zł
Coffee 7 zł
Cappuccino 9 zł
Latte macchiato 9 zł
Hot Chocolate 9 zł
Bailey’s Coffee 14 zł
French Coffee (with brandy) 14 zł
Italian Coffee (with amaretto) 14 zł
Irish Coffee (with whisky) 14 zł
… LIPTON Tea …
Black Tea 5 zł
Flavoured Tea 5 zł

Our Restaurant and Pub offer a wide variety of beverages:
• Original Italian LAVAZZA Coffee
• Wide offer of LIPTON Tea
• Wines from all over the world (Chile, Argentina, Moldavia, France, Italy, Georgia, Portugal,...)
• Wide choice of alcoholic drinks and cocktails
• Non-alcoholic drinks

The friendly service staff, a unique atmosphere, warm cameral interior allow to spend a nice time in our restaurant.
We have great pleasure to invite you to Guesthouse M.F.

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